Look! It’s a new comic! Finally, right? Sorry for the extreme lack of comics lately. Honestly, I went from my post-con coma to getting a new puppy to getting SUPER OBSESSED with Mass Effect 3… hence the subject of today’s comic.

My husband and I just finished our first play-through of ME3 this past weekend. I won’t go into detail. All I will say is, in my opinion, the ending was epic and very fitting for the story. I was simultaneously impressed and heartbroken–in a good way. It actually inspired me to start an all new play-through beginning with the first Mass Effect. It is still an awesome game.

I am determined to be back on track now, so make sure to check back on Thursday for another new comic! Also, mark your calenders for April 6-8: my husband Johnathon of Trouble Ticket and I will have a table in the artist alley at MTAC in Nashville!