Yep, I am completely obsessed with Skyrim, and I know I am far from alone in that obsession. I recently purchased it from Gamestop. I’m not a huge fan of the franchise, but it’s just so convenient, especially when I don’t actually have the cash to pay for a game. I gathered together every game Chuck and I were willing to part with that might be worth something, and went to trade them in. As soon as I got up to the counter, the sales guy asked me what I was trading in for. The answer, of course, was Skyrim. Saying it out loud immediately sparked a 15 minute conversation between the sales dude, a random passerby, and myself. Every single person in the store at that moment seemed to agree that this game is truly awesome.

Chuck and I are both seriously into this game. In our home, the act of playing Skyrim is affectionately referred to as “Skrimmin”–hence today’s title. I’m actually about to play some more right now. The people of Skyrim need me.